catching up

/ wildrose 9 mos

the first 6 months of the year just flew by
well, after january - january was a long month
here i am still trudging through the "stuff"
it's not unnamed stuff, it's just stuff that i don't want to name
if that makes any sense

in may, i hosted some lovely mamas and their kiddies for mother's day
it was such a lovely day
we had a wonderful brunch and swapped gifts
i'm still overjoyed when i think about it

ramadan had many highs and lows
i began fasting and things were going well...considering
however, in the second week, i got mastitis and i never really recovered from that :(
the kids enjoyed their days
and by the time eid rolled around we were all ready to celebrate
and celebrate we did

as usual i took millions of photos of
and i'm actually sorry that i didn't get to post much of our happenings
because there were many

i am also going to start sharing one photo -nothing fancy every sunday (or monday)
from our sunday dinner...more on that another time

there are so many things that i can add in this little post
but i will not
not now
for now i want to say that
life could be better
but it's not as bad as it can get
and that's something

...i'm here


Marie Kl├ęber says:
at: 8:56 AM said...

And I'm glad you are here Salma. Missed you.
Hope you are feeling better.
Wildrose is so beautiful!!

Fatima Sarti
at: 9:05 AM said...

Welcome back, Salma... Remember that difficult roadster often leader to beautiful destinations

*Freespirit Salma says:
at: 10:52 PM said...

Marie, I truly missed you...why have you disappeared from Instagram?
I have to catch . up on many posts, bbut I have read some. I am so very happy that you are in this wonderful place in your life/love. Truly missed you!

*Freespirit Salma says:
at: 10:54 PM said...

Fatima, salam alaikum sis! So happy to see you here :)
This destination is something that I have been yearning for...this peace, and silence is what I work for every single day.
Thank you for the wonderful reminder, and for reading!

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