just today

when faced with hardship, we are often told to be strong.
we are told to get up, be brave and cry no more.
this is not for me. 
it is for some, but not for me.

i think it's very important to embrace sadness, and to be vulnerable.
it's okay to feed sad, confused, irritated - whatever.

without these feelings we would be like empty shells floating along,
never surfacing.
without hope or passion 
we would never strive to do or be anything more than we are today.
/ always smiling


Marie Kléber says:
at: 8:50 AM said...

I am like you Salma.
I invite sadness for a while, let it tell me what it has to tell me. It's important I think to be able to cry and let go.
ps - this smile is gold

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