It's been a long year - and the year has just started :(
I am shifting, once again towards comfort (of the home), and learning
from my family.
In the last few weeks we've all been playing a sort of catch up.
I still blame it on the fact that I was out of town when the new year
actually rang in.

I've been noticing other things around the house as well.
The fact that the house is always a noisy quiet,
or a quiet noisy.
The fact that WildRose is really jumpy
...I think she also notices this quiet - noisy paradox.

On Saturday I took a much needed break from the noise.
The truth is, I stayed at home.
I didn't leave the noise behind.
I didn't censor or pursue...I just stayed in the present
and let my mind work it's way through the labyrinth
of the chaos.

I needed to do that.
...be home, but be as far away as I could possibly get.

Yes, it can happen.

oh, and I bake a batch of brownies that were practically
gobbled up before they had time to cool.

That's cool too.


Marie Kl├ęber says:
at: 12:44 PM said...

Time home is special
We need it Salma
And baking cookies is a lovely treat.

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